A Tableau Calculus for the Evaluation of Experiments | by Jared M. Maruskin, PhD | Oct, 2023


Unravelling the Basic Information Construction of Experimental Evaluation

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Experimental evaluation typically entails analyzing teams containing various numbers of components; for instance, a distinct variety of items for every therapy project inside every stratum. We subsequently encounter objects which might be like matrices, besides they aren’t good rectangular blocks; i.e., they aren’t all the time “crammed.”

On this word, we outline a brand new construction, known as a tableau, which will be thought to be {a partially} crammed matrix, and search to formalize the operations on tableaus which might be used within the evaluation of experiment. We then present how tableau notation can be utilized to precise the important thing equations in quite a lot of statistical contexts, together with stratification, clustering, and the sum-of-squares decomposition. Furthermore, we categorical these equations in each an invariant and index kind:

  1. invariant notation (coordinate-free kind) — outlined when it comes to objects and operators, very similar to the matrix-vector product A⋅x, and
  2. index notation (coordinate kind) — outlined explicitly when it comes to listed arrays and summation of a number of indices, very similar to expressing the matrix-vector product as ∑ⱼAᵢⱼ xⱼ.


This submit consists of 4 essential sections:

  1. Assessment of basic notation, the professionals and cons;
  2. Theoretical growth of the Tableau Calculus;
  3. Utility to Experiments (fully randomized, block-randomized, adjustment method, cluster-randomized, block-cluster, and ANOVA sum of squares decomposition);
  4. Python implementation

In experimental evaluation, there are three essential types of notation which might be generally used:

  1. basic notation — therapy project is explicitly enumerated: unit (ijk) describes the okth unit within the jth stratum of the ith therapy group (see [1], [2], and [5]);
  2. project notation — the project mechanism is handled as an unbiased variable, and we take into account sums over portions like ZᵢYᵢ or Zᵢⱼ Yᵢⱼ (see [2], [3], and [4]); and


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