Synthetic Bee Colony — The way it differs from PSO | by James Koh, PhD | Dec, 2023

Instinct and code implementation for ABC, and exploring the place it outperforms Particle Swarm Optimization

Picture created by DALL·E 3 based mostly on the immediate “Draw a science-fiction themed picture of bees dealing with off in battle.”

I shared in regards to the instinct, implementation and usefulness of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in a current article, as a part of my sequence of nature-inspired algorithms. In the present day, I’ll clarify how Synthetic Bee Colony (ABC) works.

Aren’t bees a part of a swarm? Are these two algorithms merely two sides of the identical coin?

For this text, I’ll bounce proper into the instinct of ABC. Subsequent, I’ll present the arithmetic, adopted by the implementation in Python. Lastly, I’ll formulate an issue wherein PSO fails to resolve however ABC does with ease, and clarify the elements of ABC which makes this attainable.

Very similar to within the case of Reinforcement Studying and Evolutionary Algorithms, a elementary driver behind ABC is the steadiness between exploration and exploitation.

Those that are new to swarm intelligence algorithms might initially really feel intimidated by the affiliation with biology, and suppose that there’s some difficult mathematical modelling to imitate what precisely occurs in nature. As variables are usually represented as Greek alphabets in textbooks, it provides to this false notion of complexity.

That’s definitely not the case, not less than for ABC. There may be nothing in any respect about bees’ waggle dance that you’ll want to perceive. Neither is there something past simply highschool math on this algorithm.

Basically, it’s merely having an area directional search in the direction of promising areas, saving the outcomes provided that there’s an enchancment within the goal operate, together with a worldwide random search upon encountering extended durations of no progress.

The creators of this algorithm then packaged it with fanciful names, and tagged these to employed bees, onlooker bees, and scout bees.

Like PSO, ABC is a metaheuristic algorithm?

What’s ‘metaheuristic’, you may ask?

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