Can ChatGPT advocate motion pictures with machine studying | by Thushan Ganegedara | Apr, 2023

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Lately I spent a while with our beloved AI overlord ChatGPT (simply kidding!) probing the mannequin and pushing its limits. I examined it on a usecase of film advice. You could find the video walkthrough here.

Monolithic LLMs powered by billions of parameters, fine-tuned with RLHF has ceaselessly modified how we understand AGI. Rise of ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 have exemplified how a lot the horizons of the skills and abilities of language fashions expanded in the previous couple of months. ChatGPT reaching 100 million users in just two months from its launch, is a sworn statement to how spectacular the leap in AI has been.

So many individuals are utilizing ChatGPT in artistic methods, from creating Flappy bird from scratch to building websites. Following the pattern, I made a decision to see if ChatGPT can compute person rankings for an unseen film, given a dataset. First I requested ChatGPT to generate a dataset.

It was swift to reply and generated a dataset as defined within the context.


I’ll be asking ChatGPT to,

Predict the person ranking of Jack to the film The Avengers

My hope is that ChatGPT makes use of a collaborative filtering method to do that. One can first create a rankings matrix, use the rankings matrix to compute person similarities to Jack. And at last,

Notice that I’m ignoring the customers with ranking 0 for The Avengers from the rating computation. The next excel sheet depicts these computations. The ultimate reply we’re searching for is 9.

Subsequent, I posed the query as follows.

Appears like ChatGPT thinks that is presupposed to be a knowledge level, that’s at the moment lacking within the dataset. I additionally tried utilizing the “Let’s think step by step” trick. However that didn’t get ChatGPT very far.

Subsequent, I attempted utilizing chain-of-thought reasoning to pronounce the method that must be adopted to be able to compute the ultimate consequence.

Success! This time, ChatGPT was capable of comply with the plan, generate the intermediate outcomes and compute the ultimate reply.

However maintain on a second! The ultimate result’s fallacious.

Downside 1: ChatGPT flunked arithmetic (probably) as a result of complexity of the duty

Appears like ChatGPT received the ultimate consequence fallacious. In case you copy and paste the equation in line 2 of the final step to a calculator, you get 9, not 8.95. Furthermore, unsurprisingly cosine distances are fallacious too. But it surely’s nonetheless spectacular what ChatGPT was capable of do, being a language mannequin. Let’s give the good thing about the doubt and attempt to present the place ChatGPT stuffed up.

Sadly, ChatGPT couldn’t see it via. Right here’s a snippet of the brand new response.

I couldn’t get ChatGPT to appropriate the error. But it surely stored admitting it made a mistake, which is a bit paradoxical. This brings us to the 2nd drawback.

Downside #2: ChatGPT is sycophantic

ChatGPT is sort of sycophantic and can assume it’s fallacious each time you level that it’s fallacious. Funnily, it even thinks it’s fallacious when it has the suitable resolution at hand 😅.

Right here, [0, 10, 0, 8] is the precise vector. However ChatGPT thinks it’s fallacious and hallucinates one thing else, to get out of the predicament it’s in. It’s virtually like Bing chat is the evil brother of ChatGPT.

After a little bit of dialog backwards and forwards, I wished to check ChatGPT’s reminiscence/consideration span. So I requested,

to which ChatGPT mentioned,

Uh-oh! In case you return the primary significant response of ChatGPT, the ranking matrix has modified. Enter one of many peskiest points with LLMs.

Downside #3: ChatGPT hallucinates

The introduction of ChatGPT invigorated the scientific group, sparking philosophies across the place of ChatGPT; from boosting productiveness to taking up the world. One concept is ChatGPT as a paradigm shift in laptop applications. All through historical past, the pc program we’ve come to know and love is a deterministic set of particular directions, by following which we are able to attain a desired output. ChatGPT is like a pc program however permits customers to speak utilizing pure language, than syntax coated directions.

Nevertheless, if a variable goes out of context in a pc program, that’s a transparent error. However with LLMs, they simply conjure up one thing to fill within the gaps. This is usually a deal-breaker in some contexts. Think about you making an attempt to resolve a billing error with ChatGPT and ChatGPT hallucinates a sign-in error. That’ll be a really complicated expertise for a person.

You could find the video walkthrough of my journey under.

Simply because ChatGPT has some points it’s not the tip of the world! I’m nonetheless impressed how higher ChatGPT is in comparison with a pretrain-only GPT-3. So these fashions will solely get higher.

We have already got GPT-4 announced with wait-list. The technical report is already exhibiting nice promise with jaw-dropping efficiency boosts. For instance, on grade-school arithmetic issues, GPT-3.5 reaches 57.1% the place GPT-4 units the bar at 92%. Furthermore, GPT-4 is reporting significantly better factual retrieval capabilities and fewer hallucination than ChatGPT.

In case you’re intrigued to see GPT-4 and ChatGPT facet by facet from a qualitative lens, I like to recommend this video.

One other improvement is a recently introduced model that is able to perform recommendations using natural language. This mannequin is named P5 and is exhibiting nice outcomes standing as much as state-of-the artwork fashions. For instance, P5 outperforms Bert4Rec and SASRec on sequential advice.

ChatGPT is certainly not with out its flaws. For instance, ChatGPT failed at easy arithmetic operations, demonstrated sycophantic behaviors and hallucinated throughout this train. However that is just the start. ChatGPT’s successor, GPT-4 has proven some outstanding enhancements over ChatGPT. Furthermore, researchers are discovering methods to make use of pure language in novel methods to unravel new issues equivalent to advice.

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