Knowledge Storytelling with Animated Phrase Clouds | by Petr Korab | Nov, 2023

An animated phrase cloud shows absolute frequencies of n-grams (contiguous sequences of textual content pattern objects) over time as a sequence of pictures in a video file. It provides larger significance to phrases that seem extra often in a supply textual content. The larger and bolder the n-gram shows, the extra often it seems within the textual content. It builds on the intuitive logic of basic phrase clouds and provides a time perspective to the visualization.

As many textual content datasets are collected as of late as textual content observations over a number of intervals, there’s a specific problem to visualise the adjustments within the information over time. As a substitute of creating abstract tables or graphs for a lot of totally different intervals, let’s put together an MP4 video that tells the story, attracts the viewers, and provides a “wow” impact to the presentation.

This text will describe the technology of animated phrase clouds from textual content information in Python. Listed below are some distinctive options of the AnimatedWordCloud library:

  • Gives n-gram frequency visualization of all Latin-alphabet languages
  • Cleans textual content dataset from punctuation, numbers, and stopwords included within the NLTK lists of stopwords
  • Generates yearly or month-to-month n-gram frequencies.

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