Expensive SaaStr: What Is “Uncalled Capital” in a VC Fund?


Expensive SaaStr: What Is “Uncalled Capital” in a VC Fund?

That is price understanding as a founder.

In any enterprise fund of a fabric dimension (even simply $50m+), the huge majority of the fund is not used for preliminary checks into startups.  Sure, that’s proper.  Many of the fund isn’t used for preliminary checks into new investments!

Right here’s the way it breaks down:

  • First, charges will devour ~20% of most funds. Charges are 2%-2.5% yearly in most funds. This declines in later years, however over the ten 12 months lifetime of a fund, charges sometimes eat up 20%-25% of the fund. “Recycling” can be utilized to recapture a few of this, in essence (i.e., reinvesting some positive factors), however let’s put that necessary nuance apart. Recycling is non-obligatory and infrequently doesn’t occur.
  • And Second, typically $1-$2 is “reserved” for every $1 initially invested. Most mid-sized and bigger companies maintain $2 for second and third checks for every $1 they put money into preliminary checks. It typically is a bit decrease ($1:$1) for smaller funds, however normally is $2:$1 for any fund a lot greater than $100m-$150m.

So let’s use a $100m fund dimension for an instance:

  • $20m is perhaps used up on “charges” — leaving $80m.
  • $25m-$30m of the $100m is perhaps used for “first checks” — say $2m x 15 investments = $30m.
  • $55m-$60m is perhaps used for “reserves”, for later investments into each winners, and firms struggling.

What isn’t used but for charges or reserves or preliminary investments is “uncalled capital”. A fund will typically name 10%-20% upon formation for preliminary investments and charges … and name the remainder of the 80%-90% over the following decade (and even longer).

And importantly, given charges and reserves, typically solely 25% of the fund’s nominal dimension might be used for first checks into model new startup investments.

That’s loads, lot lower than most folk anticipate.

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