Headspace in Espresso: Optimization | by Robert McKeon Aloe | Apr, 2023

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One other experiment to isolate headspace

Headspace is the quantity of room between the highest of the espresso mattress and the bathe display throughout an espresso shot. It is among the variables of the puck that work together with grind dimension, dose, and tamp strain. Extra particularly, headspace is the quantity of room a puck has to increase throughout a shot, and this may affect how water and gasoline move by espresso.

The problem in optimizing for headspace is that it’s convoluted with grind, dose, and tamp. I’ve usually discovered much less headspace to be optimum, however I needed a greater experiment to isolate variables.

Enter Spent Espresso

I made a decision so as to add spent espresso on prime of the recent espresso which might act equally to espresso when it comes to growth and water move, however it could not intervene with extraction.

I did this testing utilizing salami photographs on the Respectable Espresso machine. A salami shot can be utilized to measure extraction in addition to higher perceive when totally different style parts are extracted into the cup.

I additionally used espresso that was 3 months post-roast, which has been my experimental espresso for some current checks. The goal is to have espresso that has been degassed, and I can focus solely on TDS and EY when it comes to information metrics in a extra excellent setting.

Whole Dissolved Solids (TDS) is measured utilizing a refractometer, and this quantity mixed with the output weight of the shot and the enter weight of the espresso is used to find out the share of espresso extracted into the cup, known as Extraction Yield (EY).

The primary take a look at set I used was on the Blooming Ramp profile, which ramps till it hits a sure strain (4 bars), blooms for 30 seconds, after which infuses at 2.2 ml/s. Nonetheless, this profile didn’t work effectively for a bigger headspace as a result of by the point the strain constructed up, the goal output was already reached.

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So I don’t suppose the outcomes are as honest as a result of the bigger headspace (utilizing 3g of spent espresso) as a result of the baseline didn’t have a bloom part.

I redid the experiment utilizing a flat 2 ml/s profile. This managed for the bloom part, and it permits us to focus solely on headpsace. This confirmed that strain constructed up higher with a smaller headspace.

These extraction yield outcomes had been a lot clearer.

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