How Many 1000s of High Distributors There Are In Every Core Class. 1000s.


So G2 put out its latest Quarterly State of the Software and there’s numerous good things in there, however what actually stood out to be is how they quantify what we’ve all recognized for some time — simply what number of prime distributors there are in every class.  Not each vendor is on G2, however we are able to in all probability assume most with a big buyer base is on G2.

So what number of is that, per class?

  • 5,876 complete Advertising and marketing software program distributors
  • 4,199 complete HR software program distributors
  • 3,008 complete Safety software program distributors
  • 2,040 complete Design software program distributors
  • and 1,232 complete AI software program distributors, already

That’s in all probability much more competitors than you realized.

Be sincere about how you’re going to stand out, and what your 10x options are.



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