How you can Get a Base64 Model of a File From Command Line

Some time again I wrote an article on the best way to Convert Picture to Knowledge URI with JavaScript. It is a neat trick builders can use for any variety of causes. As an alternative of abusing canvas, nonetheless, why not merely get the base64 knowledge from command line?

You should utilize base64 and pbcopy to transform a file to base64 and duplicate it to the clipboard:

# base64 will get knowledge, pbcopy copies to clipboard
base64 -i emblem.jpeg | pbcopy

Upon getting the file knowledge copied in base64 format, the URL format to make use of the information is:

# knowledge:{mime-type};base64,{knowledge}

Whereas base64 knowledge and knowledge URIs do look cryptic, they’re helpful to keep away from making requests to different information. I take advantage of them when creating shows or after I cannot rely on a good web connection.

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