Qubit Magic: Creating Legendary Creatures with Quantum Computing | by Kory Becker | Sep, 2023


Producing stunning photographs with qubits and huge language fashions.

A legendary creature with the quantum state vector [1/√2 e^(π/2)i 1/√2]. Supply: Stable Diffusion.

Take into consideration the character of a single qubit. It might not seem all that magnificent at first look.

In reality, it might appear that there aren’t many fascinating issues that only one qubit can be utilized for.

Nevertheless, with a bit of creativity, we are able to do plenty of spectacular feats. Certainly one of these contains the fascinating potential to generate photographs, music, and on this article— legendary creatures!

Visualizing a qubit might appear to be a reasonably summary thought. In any case, qubits are on the microscopic stage, making them tough to understand.

Nevertheless, we are able to leverage the superb properties of qubits to visualise them as knowledge in imaginative and delightful methods.

One such technique is by leveraging the distinctive properties of a qubit in an effort to generate descriptive attributes that can be utilized for the creation of photographs, sound, and way more.

Quantum computing gives the flexibility for a qubit to characterize two values concurrently. It is a property referred to as superposition.

When a qubit is in superposition, it may well characterize each the values zero and one — on the identical time. This permits for quadratic and even exponential will increase in calculations.

When a qubit is in superposition, it holds distinct properties for its magnitude and part. These consult with the spin on the qubit, which additionally corresponds to its probability of measuring as a 0 or 1.

Visualizing a q-sphere with a excessive chance (83%) of measuring as 1. Supply: Grokking the Bloch Sphere.

We will extract these properties from the qubit and decode them into descriptive textual attributes, which may then be used to generate photographs via massive language fashions, resembling StableDiffusion, Huggingface, or DALL-E.

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