Upcoming modifications to InAppProducts API and subscription catalog administration

Posted by Rejane França, Product Supervisor and Serge Beauchamp, Software program Engineer at Google Play

Final yr, we launched new capabilities for subscriptions on Google Play, providing you with extra flexibility and management with regards to rising and retaining your subscribers. The improved developer expertise enabled by the monetization.subscriptions APIs, separates your subscription merchandise – what you promote – from how you promote them, permitting you to configure a number of base plans and affords for every subscription. The brand new mannequin is designed to scale back the complexity and overhead of managing your product configuration – this implies:

    • The subscription now defines the advantages and different metadata for the product you’re promoting, no matter how the person pays.
    • Every base plan inside a subscription defines the bottom worth for a selected billing interval and plan renewal sort.
    • Along with auto-renewing plans, you possibly can promote pay as you go plans that enable customers entry to pay a hard and fast period of time, after which top-up as desired. With pay as you go plans, attain customers in areas the place pay-as-you-go is normal or present an alternate for customers not able to buy an auto-renewing plan.
    • Affords construct on the bottom plan, making it simpler to outline different pricing for eligible customers all through the monetization lifecycle. They can be utilized to amass new subscribers, incentivize upgrades, or retain current subscribers.

Monetization.subscriptions APIs will substitute InAppProducts API for subscription catalog administration

Beginning on January 1, 2024, all new apps should use monetization.subscriptions APIs for managing your subscriptions catalog. Current apps can have till Might 1, 2024 emigrate to the brand new monetization.subscriptions APIs, at which level help for utilizing the InAppProducts API for managing your subscriptions catalog will finish fully.

Beginning this month, if we detect that your app has used the InAppProducts API to handle your subscriptions throughout the final 7 days, you’ll begin seeing a reminder in Play Console emigrate over to monetization.subscriptions APIs.

Moreover, in case your app just isn’t utilizing the most recent model of Play Billing Library, you’ll have to upgrade to version 5.0 or later earlier than November of this yr to be able to publish updates to your app.

In the event you proceed to make use of the InAppProduct API whereas help continues to be accessible, the subscription SKUs you create might be mechanically transformed into the brand new mannequin following the backward appropriate construction represented beneath with restricted entry to new options. Study extra about transformed subscriptions here.

New mannequin separates your subscription merchandise – what you promote – from the way you promote them.

No modifications to promoting in-app objects with the InAppProducts API

This deprecation will solely impression the InAppProducts API when used to handle your subscription product catalog in Play Console. All apps can proceed utilizing the InAppProducts API to handle one-time merchandise. The Play Billing Library and Subscription Buy APIs won’t be impacted. Word that each InAppProducts API and monetization.subscriptions APIs are for managing your subscription catalog on Play out of your backend, and shouldn’t be known as immediately as a part of any in-app flows.

Begin your migration to the monetization.subscriptions APIs

In the event you use the Google Play Developer API consumer libraries – accessible for Java, Python, and different common languages – we suggest upgrading to the most recent variations, which already embrace the monetization.subscriptions APIs. Base plans could be managed with the monetization.subscription.basePlans API, and introductory pricing and free trials could be managed as affords with the monetization.subscriptions.basePlans.offers API.

To make use of the brand new monetization.subscriptions APIs with current subscriptions, just be sure you’ve made your pre-existing subscriptions editable in Play Console.

Begin maximizing the most recent subscription capabilities accessible with the monetization.subscriptions APIs. Study extra by visiting the Help Center, getting started guide, documentation, and sample app.

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